If you are not familiar with the news of this district, it is worth taking a closer look at the latest events. For those who are interested in news-Ruza, Nikolai Parkhomenko, it is recommended to learn more about what is happening with the acting Head.

After all, the other day it became known that Parkhomenko was illegally appointed to this position.

At the time, the question of appointing a specific Deputy to this position was not officially considered, so now the city Prosecutor’s office is conducting an active check.

What is happening in Ruza?

To understand the essence of what is happening, it is worth noting that the appointment of a new Head should take place on November 6. But the Prosecutor’s office, which seeks to recognize the illegitimacy of the presence of the acting Parkhomenko, intends to cancel this event.

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At the same time:

it is important to note that what is happening on this issue is concerned not only the local Prosecutor’s office, but also businessmen;
also, public sector employees are interested in the issue, worrying about the legality of everything that is happening on the spot;
the Prosecutor’s office is ready to challenge the legal position of Parkhomenko as an acting officer and quickly figure out how this could happen in fact.

Follow the latest developments in the region. It is known that Parkhomenko is also a candidate and officially submitted documents to take the position of the new Head. It is only known that this candidate has a legal education and previously not only headed one of the LLC, but also held positions in the Odintsovo territorial administration of this area.

All this in the future is going to establish the Prosecutor’s office, which has all the rights to prevent the previously planned event for the appointment of a new head. There are many opinions and speculations, but the authorities will understand what happened and will not allow arbitrariness on the ground.